Cisco to acquire Perspica, merge it with AppDynamics


Cisco has announced its intent to acquire Perspica, an analytics company that focuses on machine learning and which should be merged with AppDynamics, a company Cisco acquired earlier this year.

While Cisco has mostly been a hardware-oriented networking company, it is obvious that there are plans to add a service aspect to its portfolio.

AppDynamics, which is an application performance monitor company acquired by Cisco back in January for $3.7 billion, was paving the way for Cisco to offer companies a way to see how their applications are performing on certain hardware, which is quite important for companies.

Perspica, on the other hand, is a startup company that is applying machine learning to a large amount of operation data. As Perspica will be directly merged with AppDynamics, it will allow the company to analyze a large amount of data in real time, thanks to machine learning.

While the precise deal details were not revealed by Cisco, this acquisition will fit nicely with what AppDynamics has been doing for Cisco.

According to Cisco’s extensive blog post, the addition of Perspica to AppDynamics team will allow customers to “further take advantage of machine learning capabilities to analyze large amounts of application-related data, in real time and with business context, including when an application is deployed in a company’s public, private and multiple cloud environments.”

It is obvious that networks and network security are changing with more and more focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Cisco has been slowly adding software and service-oriented products to its portfolio. The recent announcement of a set of services, called the Business Critical Services and Cisco High Value Services, which use analytics, automation, compliance, security tools as well as software, solutions and network support to monitor the status of services, was just a start. Acquisition of Perspica as well as its integration with AppDynamics, clearly shows in which direction Cisco is heading.



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