Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE)


Traditional customer premises equipment is used by any subscribers to connect to a service provider network. Service provider’s own and configure these specialized devices. Any new required service means that a new specialized device is needed, which results in a time consuming and expensive process. Therefore, vCPE provides the opportunity to replace those devices with a virtual network function, which is running on a server.

What is vCPE?

To begin with, vCPE is a way to deliver network services such as routing, network security and virtual private network connectivity to the market by using software rather than dedicated devices. With the use of vCPE, service providers can dramatically simplify and accelerate service on-time delivery, remote configuration and the management of devices, while allowing customers to order new services on-time demand.

Additionally, vCPE allows service providers to migrate most of the wide area network functionality to software residing in a remote data center. Within a few clicks, customers can choose different services provided by the vCPE solution.

Why choose vCPE?

As security threats for businesses increase, service providers need to adjust their wide area network services to meet the need of customers. Therefore, service providers are leveraging vCPE to deliver new services on-time demand, such as software-defined wide area network and security, allowing services to be adjusted easily, while customer expenses are reduced.

Ultimately, vCPE addresses security concerns but also aligns the migration of IT and network functions to the cloud. The result is a less time-consuming and cost-effective approach for up-to-date security technology.

Finally, research showed that vCPE is one of the top drivers of the deployment of network function virtualization, as operations and service delivery are simplified, while costs are reduced. This means that vCPE is a hot application in the world of network function virtualization (NFV).

Concluding from that, vCPE allows service providers to move from hardware centric and static service models to a software driven design, which is innovative and agile. The dynamic of today’s services can be met.


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