A.I. Prediction to Prevent Attacks


During this short video from CBS News, the Cybersecurity expert Stuart McClure states that attacks can be identified long before they happen. The approach behind this concept is purely mathematical and applies A.I. prediction, a way to train computers on the DNA of attacks.

As A.I. machines are running through a learning process, the mathematical understanding of the DNA of past attacks is used to prevent future attacks from taking place Hereby, the applied techniques cannot only be used for Cybersecurity purposes, but also in other fields of study. For example, this algorism could be used in the Healthcare sector to detect early forms of cancer or diseases.

The beauty of the whole process is that it is data driven, whereby the system will never forget about the data that has been processed and ultimately learns from it. When combining the strength of both, the AI machines and humans, the whole process reaches a level, which enables the prevention of future attacks.