Check Point Cyber Security Demo for Industrial Control Systems| Scada | ICS Security Demonstration


In the ever-changing global world of today, cyber-attacks have become a considerable threat in professional and personal lives. Especially when professional industrial institutions are hit, the damage caused can be catastrophic from a human life and financial point of view.

The most common attacks have a spear-phishing nature and have its origin in the IT environment. The cause behind successful attacks can be found in:

  • Poor segmentation between OT and the IT;
  • Malware from USB drives;
  • HMI and PLC software vulnerabilities;
  • Remote technician access;
  • And every day internet connections.

When intending to deal with those threats, both the IT and OT environment need to be secured to ensure a safe work flow. Would you like to learn more about Check Point Security’s solution for IT and OT network?