Cisco demos IoT portfolio at AWS re:Invent 2017


At the AWS re:Invent 2017 event, currently held in Las Vegas, NV, Cisco has decided to demo its Cisco IoT portfolio.

According to details provided by Vikas Butaney, VP for Industrial IoT Networking at Cisco, the company has decided to demo its IoT portfolio which shows some innovation in the IoT market and what Cisco has been doing with AWS in terms of networking, security, analytics, and management.

With developers designing IoT systems for energy, transportation, and mining markets, these systems need secure, reliable and always-on compute from the edge to applications in the cloud or data centers. The Same edge compute has enabled developers to bring reduced latency, Cisco aims to provide secure networking platform with containers orchestration and microservices for those same IoT edge use cases.

The demo showed an industrial IoT environment with remote monitoring, data extraction and remote control from a service running on AWS. It uses a codeveloped system with Cisco IoT gateway executing AWS Lambda microservices and AWS Greengrass core in a secure container, hosted on Cisco IoT gateway.

These Cisco IoT gateways with Cisco Kinetic IoT platform provide secure zero-touch deployment with simplified cloud management for IoT gateways, enforcement of data distribution policies on the network, and seamless interoperability between AWS IoT and the Cisco edge compute platform.

According to Cisco, such systems provide a secure connection of assets to the network and allow its use in a variety of scenarios, including condition-based maintenance and remote management of assets.

Cisco was quite keen to highlight its Cisco IOx edge computing platform which allows developers to build applications in any programming language, use open-source container tools for packaging, and easily deploy them on thousands of remote IoT gateways. As it only runs trusted application on gateways, Cisco IOx platform also secures critical assets and processes against malicious attacks.

The AppDynamics tools from Cisco also provide end-to-end visibility, allowing monitoring of gateways, network elements, and edge/cloud applications.

According to the same blog post, the demo platform, which combines IoT gateway platforms with Cisco Kinetic capabilities, provide a way to perform edge compute functions written as AWS Lambda microservices from securely connected assets and transmit the data to the application in AWS.

The Cisco industrial IoT demo platform can be seen over at the AWS re:Invent show which is on in Las Vegas from November 27th to December 1st.


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