Forrester’s predictions for the Internet of Things in 2018


Forrester has issued plenty of market predictions for the next year, including those for the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Titled as “Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To Business Scale”, the report suggests that the IoT market will shift to becoming much more specialized in 2018 and target specific industries rather than generic hardware and software and that its security issues will still remain a threat. It also suggests that new European guidelines will bring greater commercialization of IoT data.

We already wrote about the Internet of Things and its security, which has become a big concern with the massive expansion and surge in new devices.

According to a most common definition, the Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and any other device with embedded electronics, sensors, software, and network connectivity, which allows that same device to connect and exchange data. As seen in some earlier reports, IoT is expanding at an incredible rate and is expected to reach about 30 billion devices by 2020.

According to Forrester’s predictions, IoT will evolve beyond simple devices and connectivity and become more specialized terms of the design, which focuses on connected environments to engage with customers, or the so-called “operate” use case, which focuses on enhanced processes, new efficiencies or enhanced customer experiences.

This means that enterprise customers will no longer have to choose a complete platform, like the AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, GE Digital Predix, IBM IoT Watson, or any other, but rather a platform that will be specific for their needs, whether these are connected devices or a connected process.

Forrester also notes that there are more US-based companies that are commercializing IoT data which will push the European Commission into creating guidelines that will promote the exchange of data and insights, including IoT data. This will happen in Europe despite the big concern from companies regarding the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be forced in May 2018.

Although it is obvious that the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to grow and evolve, Forrester also predicts that IoT security issues will still remain a threat. Security vulnerabilities are the Achilles heel of IoT and it appears that this won’t change in the next year. With security still being a big issue, we will probably see more IoT-related attacks like the Mirai botnet, except on a much greater scale and with a bigger impact.

When it comes to IoT market, plenty of reports agree that IoT will move to other markets and usage, like data analytics, application enablement platforms (AEPs), edge computing and other, but unfortunately, the security will still be a big issue.

You can find and download the „Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To Business Scale” report over at Forrester’s website (client access is required).


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