Maintaining privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT)


Monica Lam, a professor of computer science and faculty director of the Mobile-Social Computing Laboratory has released a micro-lecture about maintaining privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Released as a part of Standford+Connects, the Stanford Alumni Association’s global event tour, which was held in 16 different cities across the world, the micro-lecture talks about the Internet of Things and how personal data now lives on medical devices, browser searches, security cameras, thermostats and other connected devices, raising privacy concern.

As you already know, the value in the Internet of Things devices and companies actually lies in the data it holds. When there is a big amount of personal data in a single ecosystem, security and privacy become a big issue, especially considering the general low security of IoT devices.

Professor Lam actually suggests an open social movement approach, which will create an open stack, ensure privacy in education, health, and finance markets and create a healthy ecosystem, based on interoperability, open competition, and innovation.

Monica Lam is a professor of computer science and faculty director of the Mobile-Social Computing Laboratory (MobiSocial) and co-principal investigator in the National Science Foundation-sponsored Programmable Open Mobile Internet 2020 Expedition.

She is also an Association for Computing Machinery Fellow and served on the advisory committee for the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica in Taiwan.


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