VMware extends its cloud service on AWS cloud


VMware has announced that it has expanded partnership with Amazon’s AWS providing Hybrid Cloud Extension for VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as plenty of new services and a completely new region.

Although VMware Cloud on AWS was announced last year and was available to customers since August, companies have now pushed it to a new level with VMware announcing completely new set of extensions, services, and a new region.

At the AWS re:Invent 2017 event, currently held in Las Vegas, Nevada, VP of global alliances, Terry Wise, said that this partnership between VMware and AWS has delivered impressive customer adoption and growth, which led to the announcement of both the extension to the US East region as well as introduction of new tools for monitoring and protecting the VMware cloud environment on AWS.

Mark Lohmeyer, VP and GM of VMware’s Cloud Platform, pointed out that “the momentum for VMware Cloud on AWS is growing rapidly”, which resulted in “delivering major new capabilities and enhancement of strategic relationship with new integrations across platforms”.

In addition to the new U.S. East (N. Virginia) region, which will complement the previously available U.S West (Oregon) region, VMware will now offer its VMware vSphere vMotion, with new L2 stretched networking features, and AWS Direct Connect, to more business customers.

The VMware Hybrid Cloud Extensions, which as an add-on Software as a Service (SaaS) for VMware Cloud on AWS, allows businesses to get large-scale migration between on-premises environments. Built on Layer 2 extensions, it allows customers to keep the same networks, IP and routing policies while migrating applications to VMware Cloud on AWS. Since it features Layer 2 extensions, it also offers data synchronization, traffic analysis, WAN optimizations, and built-in IPsec VPN connectivity that will enable secure, efficient, and effective cloud migration.

Sandy Carter, VP of Enterprise Workloads for Amazon Web Services said that the company is “pleased to extend availability to the new region and that both teams have been focused on quickly iterating to provide the capabilities that our customers have told us they want.” She also added that the company is excited to extend native integrations with AWS Direct Connect.

Another novelty is VMware Site Recovery, a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), based on vSphere, which that protects workloads between on-premises data centers and VMware Cloud on AWS as well as between different instances of VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware’s Senior Product Line Marketing Manager for Storage and Availability, Vahid Fereydouny, has detailed some of the reasons, challenges and key use cases for disaster recovery (DR) and VMware’s Site Recovery in its latest blog post.

Both VMware and AWS are certainly keen to extend their partnership even further and although announced, some of the new features, like the VMware vMotion, L2 network stretch, AWS Direct Connect, multi-cluster support, VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension support, and AWS Direct Connect private connectivity to VMware Cloud on AWS, will be available in February next year.


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