Whitepaper: All Together Now – Securing the Internet of Things whitepaper


Nemertes Research and Juniper Networks have released its newest whitepaper which focuses on the digital transformation with the Internet of Things (IoT) and its lack of security.

Titled, „All Together Now: Securing the Internet of Things” and written by John E. Burke, Principal Research Analyst and CIO at Nemertes Research, the whitepaper talks about the growth of IoT in Digital Transformation, focus of companies on security as well as what needs to be done in order to bring IoT security to the same network security level.

The Internet of Things devices have seen a massive surge in usage and while businesses have seen a value of IoT, the lack of security is a big issue, especially in critical systems like industrial controls, energy infrastructure, transportation, and water, power, and gas distribution networks.

With of recent attacks focusing on IoT devices, and even using IoT devices as a potent tool for much larger and serious attacks, the security must become a priority.

The whitepaper claims that the first solution is to take a so-called „security-first approach“ to IoT implementation, embedding both visibility and protection into the IoT networks. While companies have invested a lot in security in 2017, IoT security is still in its infancy as there are no broadly accepted security technology standards for IoT or broadly accepted and implemented standard IoT security practices, which is a big issue.

What makes the IoT devices special is the fact that they can provide both „a dangerous vector of infection for more conventional systems, and a platform with which to attack other targets.”

The whitepaper also suggests a couple of steps that should help in making IoT security a lot better, including providing broader and deeper visibility into network utilization by IoT gear and employing the whole network to defend the enterprise. By using the entire network to enforce security policies, it should speed detection, shorten response times, and simplify propagation and enforcement of any resulting changes to policy.

The whitepaper concludes that the Internet of Things will be at the center of many organizations’ digital transformation strategies and that the time has come for those same organizations realize that IoT can’t be implemented without focusing on IoT security.

You can download the „All Together Now: Securing the Internet of Things” whitepaper over at the Juniper Networks website.