Webinar: Avoid Security Landmines And Their Million Dollar Consequences


FortiGuard Labs has released its quarterly security report which focuses on current and most dangerous network security threats as well as steps that need to be taken in order to avoid those current threats.

Presented by Anthony Giandomenico, Senior Security Strategist & Researcher FortiGuard Labs, the webinar, which is available over at BrightTalk.com, talks about threat statistics for the third quarter of 2017, infrastructure trends, threat trends – like exploits, malware and botnets, key takeaways and recommendations, and threat predictions for the next year.

The report talks about some of the insights regarding the Equifax breach with Apache and other exploit trends. It also shows evidence as well as provide ways for stopping the mobile malware, and provides a list of vulnerabilities and their frequency so patching can be prioritized.

When it comes to key takeaways and recommendations, Fortinet suggests that although third-party anti-virus software has seen three zero-day vulnerabilities, it should be a priority when it comes to patching.

The Apache Struts (Equifax) had 3 of the top 10 exploits during last quarter so it might be the future focus of attacks. According to the report, 22 percent of companies detected some type of ransomware in the third quarter, suggesting that a good backup and recovery plan is a must.

Mobile malware is also on the rise making mobile device security a part of any company. Botnets have been an issue for quite some time, so in order to have a steady plan to detect, analyze, respond and recover from a breach, companies should focus on automation.

According to the same report, the focus of attackers, or the so-called sweet spot are mid-size organizations, as these carry valuable data but do not focus on network security. These organizations should go back to basics, by understanding their assets, limit user privileges, reduce apps and focus on timely patches.

When it comes to future threat predictions, Fortinet says that we can expect the rise of self-learning hivenets and swarmbots, constant rise in ransom of commercial services, the introduction of the next-gen morphic malware, as well as bigger usage of automation in cybercrime and network attacks.

As noted, you can check out the full webinar over at BrightTalk.com (possible registration is required).