Juniper Networks brings updates to its Software-Defined Secure Networks platform


Juniper Networks has announced advancements in its cybersecurity platform in form of automation, on-touch mitigation, and the new SRX4600 next-generation firewall.

In order to somehow overcome the shortage of staff in security teams, the strain which happens due to the rise in cybercrime as well as manual processes and complex policies, Juniper Networks has updated its security platform with automation and machine learning.

According to the announcement, these advancements will deliver “simplified operations with policy management efficiencies, on-premises malware defense with threat behavior analytics and one-touch mitigation and adaptive enforcement across diverse environments.”

The Junos Space Security Director has been updated with automated, agile policy management. This includes the industry-first, patent-pending Dynamic Policy Action capability within Security Director, which uses an intent-based framework, creating and deploying policies based on network conditions. According to Juniper Networks, this feature reduces time spent on firewall rule management by more than 80 percent. 

In addition to the new automated policy management for the Security Director, Juniper Networks also introduced the Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance with One-Touch Mitigation, providing protection from advanced malware.

Designed to be used as a companion to the cloud-delivered Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, it uses technology acquired from Cyphort, a network security startup that Juniper got back in August.

The new Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance with One-Touch Mitigation provide built-in threat behavior visibility and one-touch mitigation.

Mihir Maniar, vice president of security product management at Juniper Networks said: “At Juniper, we feel that automation is a key to better protect enterprise networks. The traditional manual processes are labor intensive and inefficient, leading to wasted time and resources. Juniper’s new SDSN cybersecurity platform enhancements will allow already stretched security teams to save money and time to remediation, leveraging the benefits of automation while still relying on the extensive expertise of security professionals.”

Juniper Networks also took an opportunity to announce its new SRX series next-generation firewall, the SRX4600, which is optimized for private cloud environments and provides both high-performance and security with integrated Security Director.

Juniper Networks has been struggling lately, reporting a drop in business revenue since 2016 but the company expects to recover by the end of this year and its push into automation and machine learning is certainly the right way to go.


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