Whitepaper: Implementing Network Function Virtualization (NFV)


F5 Networks has published a whitepaper that focuses on tips and traps that can be seen with the implementation of the network function virtualization.

Network function virtualization has gained a lot of track in the last few years and although its implementation varies from operator to operator, there is a common line in best practices, tips, traps as well as requirements that operators need to consider when implementing NFV.

Network function virtualization (NFV) is a network architecture concept set by the ETSI’s Industry Specification Group for Network Functions Virtualization (ISG NFV) in order to provide a new way to design, deploy and manage specific networking services.

Although it is related to software-defined networking (SDN), NFV refers to different domains and use different methods. It is usually used for several virtualization network functions like firewalls, network address translation (NAT), domain name service (DNS), caching, intrusion detection and other specialized network applications.

The whitepaper, titled “Implementing NFV: Tips & Traps”, written on behalf of F5 Networks by Jim Hodges, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, talks about some of the known implementation difficulties, such as the limit of scalability and elasticity, lack of orchestration focus and migration issues.

In addition, the whitepaper also points out some of the tips, including ranking and prioritizing proof-of-concepts (PoCs), minimizing complexity and focusing on hybrid network configuration, understanding vendor roadmaps and capabilities, clearly define the link with software-defined networking (SDN) and design the network for service delivery.

With NFV becoming more and more commercial, it provides several benefits by virtualizing various network functions and the OPNFV has been working on enhancing some of the key NFV components and integrating them in projects like OpenDaylight, ONOS, OpenStack, Ceph, KVM, Open vSwitch and Linux.

You can download the “Implementing NFV: Tips & Traps” whitepaper directly from F5 Networks (possible registration required).