Whitepaper: Network detection and network traffic analysis (NTA)


With cybersecurity becoming the number one concern for enterprises and organizations, network detection has become a big priority as well as a big focus for many network security companies, forcing them to create advanced detection technology. Getting the right mix of techniques and smart/advance behavior analysis and threat intelligence is exactly what is the focus of the latest whitepaper from Cyber adAPT.

Titled “Network Detection: What Is It Really?” and written by Scott Millis, CTO, the whitepaper discusses about what exactly network traffic analysis (NTA) should be and how it should include advanced detection, statistical analysis threat intelligence and, most importantly, context.

All of these parts, including the network behavior analysis (NBA), which is a subset of the network traffic analysis (NTA) and represents a series of events that occur on the network.

Although important, both the NBA and threat intelligence are an excellent source of context but do not provide best results on their own, so a holistic solution, which combines all of these aspects is the only way to secure a network in these times.

The whitepaper also concludes that with networks becoming larger and more complex, older security systems are missing the big picture, and are either overwhelmed by a number of false alarms or even miss an attacker posing as a harmless host. The whitepaper puts focus on detection, not prevention, as the foundation of network security. These should have real-time monitoring that provide the right information in order to stay ahead of attackers.

You can download the whitepaper directly from CyberadAPT.com (possible registration required).


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