Whitepaper: Operationalizing the Network: SDN


F5 Networks has released a whitepaper which focuses on a network transformation and the role, operationalization, and benefits of the software-defined networking in that process.

Titled “Operationalizing the Network: SDN”, the whitepaper from F5 Networks, written by Lori MacVittiem, Principal Technical Evangelist at F5 Networks, talks about software-defined networking (SDN) and its benefits in handling rapid changes in the network architecture.

Transforming the network from a fixed and predictable architecture to an agile and adaptable design is a challenging task. According to the whitepaper, software-defined networking (SDN), which operationalizes the network through programmatic interfaces (APIs), automation, and abstraction across a standardized platform is definitely a way forward.

Defined by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), SDN has evolved from its classic definition to a whole new model that can support the entire network stack. By separating control and data planes, and using programmability to encourage automation and orchestration of service provisioning, SDN has an ability to operationalize the entire network.

The whitepaper also lists some of the clear benefits of SDN, including the improved time to market, decreased risk and reduced operating costs, which are all important for enterprises, businesses, and organizations.

The whitepaper concludes that the focus of SDN is definitely on transforming the network in order to support applications as well as meet the expectation of uses and businesses that rely on them.

With the growth of compute, network and application resources, as well as increased mobility of apps migrating to the cloud, SDN, and its ability to use APIs to automate and orchestrate the network and applications services, can help companies to get a better operational scale and a much agile and adaptable network.


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