Webinar: Cybersecurity in healthcare


A rather interesting webinar has been posted which talks about cybersecurity in healthcare as the specific ecosystem model which requires policies, processes, and technologies that will provide a proactive approach to risk management and security.

Hosted by Erni Hood, Senior Research Director with the Advisory Board and former Vice President and CIO at Group Health, the webinar talks about the new security threats as well their influence on healthcare as a specific ecosystem.

With healthcare environment now featuring multiple app, devices, and users, as well as hold critical data, there is a significant need for cybersecurity.

The webinar also talks about layers of security that should be implemented in cybersecurity as well as points out to a couple of cases that provide a good insight as well as provides a great experience and lessons in cybersecurity.

The “Cybersecurity & Healthcare: How prepared are you?” webinar can be found over at Brighttalk.com.


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