Microsoft to acquire hybrid cloud storage company Avere Systems


Microsoft has announced that it will acquire the hybrid storage company Avere Systems.

Started back in 2008, Avere Systems is a Pittsburg company which is focused on “helping enterprise IT organizations enable innovation with high-performance storage access and the flexibility to store data where it makes the most sense for the business”, taking a lot of pride in their Avere OS, an advanced file system for NAS systems.

Interestingly, Avere Systems lists Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform as its cloud service partners so this move from Microsoft could somewhat move the focus of the company to Microsoft Azure, although Microsoft states that the Avere will continue to support third-party cloud providers.

In a blog post regarding the acquisition, Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Azure, states that Microsoft has made a number of investments over the years in order to provide its customers with the most flexible, secure and scalable storage solutions in the marketplace.

Microsoft lists Avere Systems’ high-performance NFS and SMB file-based storage for Linux and Windows clients running in cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments as its main focus and states that Avere has been working with some big names like Sony Pictures Imageworks, animation studio Illumination Mac Guff and Moving Picture Company (MPC).

Microsoft was keen to note that the company looks forward to the impact which Avere technology and its team will have on Azure and the customer experience as well as how Avere’s storage expertise combined with the power of Microsoft’s cloud will benefit customers to enable the largest and most complex high-performance workloads to run in Microsoft Azure.

In its own blog post, Avere Systems’ president and CEO, Ronald Bianchini Jr., states that the shared vision of Microsoft and Avere will continue the focus on datacenter, cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud bursting environments. The tighter integration with Azure will result in a much more seamless experience for our customers, he added.

Microsoft has been focused on expanding its hybrid cloud offer for quite some time now and this acquisition does not come as a big surprise as the company is battling to retain its place in the cloud market, fighting some tough competition from the likes of AWS, Google, and Alibaba.


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