Webinar: GDPR compliance and maintaining security in the cloud


The latest webinar which talks about compliance regulation and maintaining such strict compliance security in the cloud has been posted online.

With the constant rise in cloud adoption as well as both an increased security risk and compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and the upcoming GDPR, businesses are facing a hard time in maintaining control, security, and compliance.

Hosted by Clive Finlay, Director for Technical Account Management at Symantec and Peter Gooch, Partner within Deloitte Cyber Security Service, the webinar focuses on addressing security and compliance challenges when migrating to the cloud.

The webinar also focuses on how to support GDPR compliance in the cloud as well as how to leverage a single data protection solution for email, storage, network, endpoints, and cloud.

The webinar talks about the key challenges that can be found with GDPR and cloud, including documenting data flows and transfers, security, managing third parties, transparency, retention, and rights of individuals.

In the second part, Symantec’s Clive Finlay talks about Symantec’s own risk management, information-centric security, and breach response specific products which can manage, control, encrypt, monitor, detect data as well as respond and investigate possible breaches.

The full webinar can be found hosted at Brighttalk.com (possible registration required).


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