Gartner predicts increased spending on cloud, cybersecurity, and analytics


Gartner has released its latest survey which suggests that cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and analytics will be the top technologies that will get new or additional spending by the public sector in 2018.

In addition to an increase in spending on these three main technologies, Gartner’s survey also suggests that data center infrastructure will be the most commonly targeted for cost saving. The data, which includes 3,160 CIOs in 98 countries and across major industries, including 461 government CIOs, define digital transformation as the top-ranked business priority, followed by security and governance.

“Digital transformation revolves around data. To be successful, public sector CIOs need to focus on expanding their data and analytics capabilities and creating a data-centric culture, by increasing the availability of open data and APIs for internal use and public consumption,” said Rick Howard, research vice president at Gartner. “Building out data analytics infrastructure is fundamental to improving government program outcomes and services to citizens.”

The survey suggests that sixteen percent of government Chief Information Officers (CIOs), will increase spending on business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management, during this year.

The same report also shows that digital business/digital transformation is quite important to governments, while private companies focus on growth/market share. As far as governments go priorities also include security, safety, and risk with 13 percent; governance, compliance, and regulations with 12 percent; and technology initiatives/improvements with 11 percent.

Interestingly, artificial intelligence (AI), application programming interfaces, cloud services/solutions and the Internet of Things are top 10 technologies in all industries but not in focus when it comes to governments.

The survey also shows that security and risk are not the main concern for government CIOs which is rather worrisome, considering the amount of recent cyber attacks and data breaches.

The full report, titled “2018 CIO Agenda: Government Insights” can be found over at Gartner where it is available for download to Gartner clients.


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