Webinar: Best Practices for Data Privacy Day 2018


Celebrating Data Privacy Day, which was on January 28th, Symantec has hosted a webinar which talks about some of the key aspects of data privacy, security, as well as maximizing trust and minimizing risk in any environment.

The webinar, titled “Best Practices for Data Privacy Day 2018” and hosted by Zoltán Précsényi, Director GDPR Strategy, EMEA Legal, starts with key elements of data privacy, including drivers, which are regulations, customer expectations, reputation, business opportunity, or even press headlines, and inhibitors, like lack of business ownership, data growth, evolving threat landscape, lack of visibility, or even an emerging technology.

The webinar goes on establishing the fact that you can have security without privacy but you can’t have privacy without security.

Précsényi also talks about how important is caring for data lifecycle end to end, maximizing trust and minimizing risk, where entities have to build trust and confidence by selecting and making clear when they are collecting data, collect and disclose data from and to reputable sources and generally take care of the security which is one of the key aspects of data privacy.

The webinar also includes some of the key aspects of EU’s GDPR, which aims to improve both security and data privacy but also to impose transparency, lawfulness, as well as fine companies that are non-compliant with the regulation.

The full webinar can be found hosted at Brighttalk.com (possible registration required).


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