IBM announces content services containers for the cloud


Since most of work is now moving to the cloud, it does not come as a surprise that IBM has now focused on that environment by announcing its new content services containers.

According to a blog post written by Kevin Trinh, Cloud Integration Architect at IBM Hybrid Cloud, the IBM content services containers got support for the IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM Content Navigator and IBM Case Manager Docker containers, and with addition of Docker containers and container orchestration like Kubernetes, users can get better scalability, resiliency, management and even upgradeability of those content platform components.

As these are built for the cloud, the IBM content services containers use WebSphere Liberty, a cloud-native application server which not only has a small footprint, allowing them to be more portable but also provides dynamic runtime configuration and custom application deployment.

The platform also comes with open-source monitoring components like collectd, logstash and filebeat for metrics as well as offer features logging that can be integrated with IBM Cloud monitoring and logging services.

According to IBM, this allows its customers to deploy and run IBM content platform containers anywhere they manage a Docker engine, whether it is on-premises, in the public cloud or even hybrid cloud.

You can check out more about the IBM FileNet Content Manager over at its dedicated page.


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