Citrix acquires Cedexis for app and content performance in hybrid cloud


Citrix has announced that it has acquired Cedexis, which offers software-defined application delivery platform. Citrix plans to combine technologies in order to improve app performance in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Cedexis is a company founded back in 2009 and offers a real-time, data-driven service for optimizing the flow of traffic across public clouds, data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and Internet service providers (ISPs).

According to Citrix’s blog post concerning the new acquisition, by combining its innovations with Cedexis technology, the company will be able to give its customers a way to get better end-user engagement, higher workspace productivity and infrastructure efficiency by simply lowering ITs costs for cloud and network services. Combined, Citrix and Cedexis can improve app performance in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments thanks to Cedexis’ dynamic and programmable intelligent traffic steering technology.

The acquisition will allow Citrix to expand its secure digital perimeter (SDP) approach to security and performance by offering dynamic, real-time and intelligent traffic management with infrastructure orchestration and end-user engagement insights.

While the details of the acquisition were not announced, both the Steve Shah, VP of Product Management at Citrix, and Ryan Windham, CEO of Cedexis, had nothing but praise for the future cooperation. Shah said that: “IT teams will be able to respond and act quicker when troubleshooting network issues, managing load across clouds, and handling capacity changes to scale with business needs. Moreover, IT can reduce network and cloud costs while providing the best end-user experience. It’s like combining GPS and a self-driving car to ensure traffic takes the most efficient and effective route; it is a game changer.”

Ryan Windham, CEO of Cedexis added that these two companies are a natural combination, adding that “Citrix is the clear leader in software-defined networking that helps IT adopt and manage complex cloud environments. It makes sense to combine our offerings into a comprehensive secure digital perimeter approach, which unifies and delivers the apps, data, and services people need to be productive.”

The acquisition comes as a result of Citrix’s push to meet increasing demand in hybrid cloud environments as well as the company’s foray into security and analytics markets.


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