Cryptomining malware is on the rise

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The latest Risk & Repeat podcast hosted by TechTarget’s SearchSecurity talks about the rise of cryptomining malware, how it has evolved from simple cryptojacking threats to a serious security issue and raises the important question of the motives behind such attacks.

With the significant rise of cryptocurrency mining, it was simply a matter of time before security issues catch up and there has been a significant rise in both the amount and the sophistication of such attacks.

According to the report from CrowdStrike, cryptomining malware WannaMine (similar to WannaCry) has spread its cryptomining mechanism which uses computing power on infected systems to mine Monero cryptocurrency. The report from Proofpoint researcher points at Smominru botnet, which used the EternalBlue exploit to spread through networks and mine Monero.

Earlier attacks included simple cryptojacking schemes which ran JavaScript in web browsers but according to researchers, these threats have evolved exponentially, leading to serious threats like WannaMine and Smominru which can make serious damage on large-scale corporate networks.

The Risk & Repeat “Cryptomining malware on the rise” podcast, hosted by SearchSecurity editors, Rob Wright and Peter Loshin, try to answer some of the burning questions regarding the origin of these threats and their motives.


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