Machine Learning, AI and Security at RSAC 2017


The video from the RSA Conference 2017 held in September last year hosts expert panelists on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Hosted by Bruce Schneier, CTO of IBM Resilient and Special Advisor to IBM Security, the panel from RSA Conference 2017 focuses on new challenges and privacy concerns as well as security implications that emerge with the evolution of the Internet as well as benefits of machine learning and AI in healthcare or as a diagnostic tool.

With the evolution of the Internet, where it begins to sense, think, and act, bring plenty of new concerns which were a key topic at the RSA Conference 2017 with speakers like Adi Shamir, Professor at the Computer Science Department of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Susan Landau, Professor of Cybersecurity Policy and Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the Michael McCaul, Chairman at the House Homeland Security Committee.

The panel discussion certainly brings a couple of answers as well as raises a lot of question for the future, especially in the security department.


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