ETSI and partners gather over 200 cybersecurity experts in Brussels


ETSI and its partners held a big event in Brussels in February, for a joint workshop on the Cybersecurity Act.

The event, held by ETSI, CEN, CENELEC, and ENISA, worked on linking cybersecurity standardization and certification as well as giving an overview of the current legislative and standardization landscape.

The panelists have debated on challenges that needed to be addressed in order to implement the European Cybersecurity Act and increase trust in ICT products and services, addressed the market perspectives of the EU certification framework and the prospects for European and global standards within the European Cybersecurity Act.

The conclusion was that standards need to be the foundation of certification schemes as well as that the governance and processes for requesting, assessing and selecting certification schemes and the underlying standards need to be further clarified.

“We are experiencing more and more attacks in our connected systems… Soon it will be our grids, and soon our toys. We all need to come together, show unity to tackle cybersecurity threats” said Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General.

According to ETSI, more than 200 policy makers, industry representatives, standardization organizations, consumer associations and certification bodies were present at the event and came together to share their views on this key topic as well as add their contribution to the implementation of the Cybersecurity Act in Europe.


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