5G wireless networks to power the future


Intel has released a new video in which it talks about the 5G technology and how will this next-generation wireless network connect cars, homes, and machines by using higher bandwidth and lower latency.

The 5G network standard is more than just for phones and with smart cars that drive autonomously, smart homes and other similar devices, are exactly what technology leaders had in mind when building 5G, the next-generation wireless network that should become available by 2020.

According to Robert Topol, general manager of Intel’s 5G Business and Technology, the “5G is not just the next G”, but rather about “handling more data, whether it’s from a refrigerator, washing machine, vehicle or flying drone”. “The network will become faster, the latency less and the machines able to talk to each other more,” said Topol.

In this short video, Intel tries to explain some of the features and advantages of 5G and how it will pave the way for a smarter and connected world.


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