Whitepaper: Five reasons to collaborate in the cloud


BT has released a new whitepaper which talks about a trend of moving workloads in the cloud and outlines five reasons of such strategic move.

Written by Andrew Small, vice president at BT One, the whitepaper lists five main reasons, or benefits, that companies and organizations stand to gain when moving to the cloud.

Some of the biggest reasons are the cutting of collaboration costs where large organizations with multiple employees in different locations can put everything in the cloud in order to reduce costs. Another big benefit is the ability to access latest collaboration technologies to improve productivity, by allowing organizations to access latest tools like Skype for Business or Microsoft Office 365.

The rest of benefits and reasons include using legacy and cloud technologies to exploit the best of the old and the new, providing a continuous path of improving user experience, and giving an increased agility, simplicity, security and resilience, allowing companies and organizations to have secured data with reliable infrastructure, but at the same time, provide resilience by allowing new employees to be brought on board quickly.

Of course, BT offers its own unified communications solutions as a help for organizations switching to the cloud.

You can find the full whitepaper over at BT’s blog.


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