Healthcare needs the next-generation cybersecurity


Fortinet has released a new blog post focusing on the next-generation of healthcare cybersecurity, which stores some rather important information and is not immune to cyberattacks which are constantly evolving.

Although healthcare networks were previously isolated and mostly focused on sharing the information locally, these have recently transformed and are becoming more distributed, but also more prone to cyberattacks.

According to the report, there are currently 7.1 million patients using connected medical devices and remote monitoring and healthcare providers are expected to spend US $9.5 billion on cloud services by 2020, with most organizations focusing on a multi-cloud environment. The UK’s National Health Service has already given hospitals and healthcare providers the green light to store patient information in the cloud, which raises the important question of cybersecurity.

This is also quite important in Europe, with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 25th. Bear in mind that it is also important to other organizations that store information on EU citizens as well.

A similar report suggests that cybersecurity in healthcare has become rather important as more than 25 percent of all data breaches were related to the healthcare space.

With current botnets like Reaper and further evolving cyberattacks, healthcare security has to evolve as well and Fortinet has shifted some of its attention to that part of the market as well with its FortiOS 6.0, FortiGuard AI solutions as well as the updated Threat Intelligence Services (TIS).

Healthcare organizations are definitely an interesting target for cybercriminals as they give them access to confidential data which also led to the development of new attack methods like new forms of malware and botnets. Thankfully, cybersecurity is also developing and improving and Fortinet’s third generation security products are just a part of it.

You can check out the full blog post over at Fortinet’s website.


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