Kubernetes 1.10 comes out with focus on storage, security, and networking


The open-source Kubernetes container orchestration platform has been updated to version 1.10, moving the focus to storage, security and network as well as patching some critical vulnerabilities spotted earlier.

According to the provided details, the new 1.10 version, which is also the first update in 2018, continues to advance maturity, extensibility, and pluggability of Kubernetes but with a focus on three key areas, storage, security, and networking. It also introduces external kubectl credential providers (alpha), the ability to switch DNS service to CoreDNS at install time (beta), and the move of Container Storage Interface (CSI) and persistent local volumes to beta.

All about storage, security, and networking

As far as storage part is concerned, the Kubernetes v1.10 implements the Container Storage Interface (CSI) which has now moved to beta phase, allowing easier installation of new volume plugins. It also enables third-party storage providers to develop their own solution outside the core Kubernetes codebase.

The durable (non-shared) local storage management has been moved to beta phase allowing locally attached storage (non-network attached) to be available as a persistent volume source, providing higher performance and lower cost for distributed file systems and databases. The new version also brings plenty of updates to Persistent Volumes including the ability to automatically prevent deletion of Persistent Volume Claims that are in use by a pod (beta) and prevent deletion of a Persistent Volume that is bound to a Persistent Volume Claim (beta).

As far as security goes, the new version brings the  external kubectl credential providers (alpha), which will allow cloud providers, vendors, and other platform developers to provide binary plugins to handle authentication for specific cloud-provider IAM services or to integrate with in-house authentication systems that aren’s supported in-tree, like th Active Directory. This is an addition that will work with the Cloud Controller Manager feature introduced with the earlier version of the Kubernetes.

Kubernetes 1.10 release also brought a big fix for the CVE-2017-1002101 security vulnerability which was spotted back in March.

Networking side of the update brings CoreDNS as a DNS provide with the ability to switch the DNS service to CoreDNS at install time. Bear in mind that this feature is still in beta.

Kubernetes team will be hosting a webinar on April 10th at 10 am PDT which will focus on new major features with the Kubernetes 1.10 release, including Local Persistent Volumes and the Container Storage Interface (CSI).

They were also quite keen to remind about the world’s largest Kubernetes gathering, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from May 2nd to May 4th, 2018.

As always, Kubernetes 1.10 release is available for download on GitHub.