Juniper Networks brings enhancements to its unified cybersecurity platform


Juniper Networks has announced a couple of new enhancements for its unified cybersecurity platform, bringing new integrations promising to enable security teams to accelerate detection, streamline analysis and automate enforcement.

Juniper Networks has been focused on expanding its security platform and we saw that with the launch of automation which was added to the Security Director and its Advanced Threat Prevention with One-Touch Mitigation, back in December last year. Most of these updates came from technology acquired from Cyphort, a security startup Juniper Networks acquired back in August last year.

In a rather extensive blog post, Amy James, Product Marketing lead for Security at Juniper Networks, was keen to note that it is still an arms race where both cybercriminals and cybersecurity companies are constantly evolving, bringing encryption, automation, AI and more. The latest unified cybersecurity platform from Juniper Networks, powered by Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) allows organizations to not only respond to advanced attacks but also stay ahead of them.

Some key enhancements that were outlined in the Juniper Networks announcement and are now a part of Juniper’s unified cybersecurity platform include:

  • consolidated timeline view of threat behavior with integrated inline blocking, which allows security teams simplified and comprehensive view of threats as well as one-touch mitigation, allowing its SRX Series next-generation firewalls (NGFs) to use the Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) appliance.
  • adaptive detection and automated enforcement against advanced threats, which adds the built-in threat behavior analytics and one-touch mitigation from Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) appliance to Junos Space Security Director Policy Enforcer, giving a unified view of threat behavior across the security fabric and enables adaptive malware detection with automated policy enforcement on both networks and cloud environments.
  • extending cloud workload protection by integrating Security Director Policy Enforcer with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Previously, the company announced support for Microsoft’s Azure and VMware’s NSX.
  • global data center expansion for Juniper Sky ATP, which adds data centers for Juniper Sky ATP in Asia Pacific and Canada, which will complement existing data centers in the U.S. and Europe as well as lower latency for customers in those parts of the world.
  • sharing expert knowledge of the threat landscape, by joining the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA).
  • simplifying the buying process by adding Enterprise Agreements (EAs) for its security portfolio and simplifying the buying process and license management.

The move to bring and enhance its unified cybersecurity platform as well as joining the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) is definitely a move in the right direction for Juniper Networks and certainly the right way for cybersecurity in general, especially with the rise in both the number and complexity of recent cyber attacks.