Whitepaper: Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps


Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has released whitepaper/guide which focuses on management of hybrid cloud, containers, and DevOps in order to provide the best possible, efficient, effective and optimal IT environment.

The research report and decision guide for the enterprise, as EMA describe it, written by Torsten Volk, is based on a survey of 260 randomly-selected enterprises in North America with 500 or more employees and across all industries.

According to EMA, the top priorities for enterprises include the control of hybrid cloud cost, enforcing security and compliance, container management planning, evaluation of hyperconverged systems for scale-out cloud, focus on integration between cloud and data centers, focus on serverless functions, automation and full visibility for DevOps process, and evaluation of machine learning for operation management.

The EMA recommendations for serverless functions spread top three vendors in three categories, by rapid ramp-up, hybrid solutions and enterprise IT integration.

With serverless computing experiencing rapid growth it has to be brought under the governance of today’s popular software developer platforms, according to EMA.

Some of the key use cases for serverless computing include file processing, streaming data analytics, website development, Internet of Things, mobile apps, and services for public consumption. Serverless functions have certain advantages and challenges, all detailed in EMA’s latest report and guide.

You can download the full whitepaper from VMWare’s site.