Trend Micro’s video on Home Network Security solution


Trend Micro has released a video describing its Home Network Security solution which offers to provide advanced security for the home network.

Now when the Internet of Things is popular as never before and that more and more home devices are connected to the Internet, the home network security, which was always important, has become compromised by both the number of devices as well as their low security.

The Trend Micro Home Network Security solution provides protection against cyber-attacks for every Internet-connected device in your home, including consoles, smart TVs, and all other connected appliances.

The Home Network Security is actually a service which includes the Home Network Security Station, which is a hardware device that connects to your router and actively scans network traffic for threats while the smartphone app allows you to monitor any security issues in real time and even allows you to set parental controls and filter any unwanted content.

The video gives some insight on how the Home Network Security can be used and which benefits it brings to your home network and Internet-connected devices and while there are plenty of similar solutions of the market, Trend Micro offers a complete solution and promises great support with a lot of features on the smartphone app.

Unfortunately, it appears that Trend Micro’s Home Network Security solution is not available in all regions but you can always try the Trend Micro HouseCall for Home Networks, which scans all of your home network devices for vulnerabilities and recommends how to eliminate them.