Fortinet integrates BGP Flowspec into FortiDDoS


Fortinet has announced that BFP FlowSpec has been integrated into FortiDDoS solution, giving automated coordination of traffic filtering with service providers.

According to Fortinet’s announcement, the integration of the BGP Flowspec with FortiDDoS is a hybrid approach which allows timely addressing of DDoS events by automating the coordination of traffic filtering by providing service providers with information that identifies the specific packets needed to be dropped during the DDoS flood.

Of course, Fortinet was quite keen to note that FortiDDoS mitigates most of the DDoS attacks and that Flowspec is only used when the attack grows beyond the capacity of FortiDDoS. Since FortiDDoS is deployed closed to networks under attacks it detects attacks at level 3, 4 and 7 within seconds.

The BGP Flowspec protocol, defined in RFC 5575, a standardized industry protocol, provides a number of valuable enhancements to traditional anti-DDoS technologies, such as enabling fast information exchange with the most popular Internet routers, as well as with a variety of anti-DDoS platform. The integration of the VGP Flowspec into FortiDDoS solution enables service providers to specifically select and remove DDoS traffic without any impact on non-DDoS traffic streams.

The BGP, which stands for Border Gateway Protocol, is the routing protocol which allows ISPs to use policies to govern traffic flowing across the network.

With the integration of BGP Flowspec with FortiDDoS in its release 4.5.0, the FortiDDoS is now able to send very specific attack information that can be used to block very specific attack traffic, while leaving the rest of the traffic alone.

According to Fortinet, “the addition of BGP Flowspec functionality to FortiDDoS provides a granular level of controlled response that allows for much more accurate identification and classification of malicious traffic, and enables the surgical removal of DDoS attacks without impacting the critical data that organizations rely on, now more than ever, to compete effectively in today’s digital marketplace.”

You can check out more information about the FortiDDoS and BGP Flowspec integration over at Fortinet’s dedicated FortiDDoS page.


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