Software-Defined Wide Area Networking for remote sites by Nuage Networks


Nuage Networks video gives a quick at its Virtualized Network Services (VNS) service, developed specifically for enterprises adopting a cloud-based IT consumption model.

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) is a complimentary service to the existing IP and Carrier Ethernet (CE) VPN services, but unlike standard VPN services, Nuage Networks VNS is focused on enterprises adopting a cloud-based IT consumption model by providing the flexibility needed to deliver an unconstrained network experience that matches the dynamic cloud environment.

According to Nuage Networks, traditional VPN services are tightly connected to a dedicated network infrastructure while its own VNS is based on an overlay model that use any IP network to provide connectivity between sites, including the existing VPN, fixed broadband or even mobile broadband and it doesn’t depend on the medium, allowing enterprises to use copper, fiber or wireless technologies.

More information about Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) can be found over at their dedicated page.


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