Whitepaper: Migrating Apps to the Cloud in 5 Steps


VMware has released a new whitepaper talking about migration strategy and evaluation of business precesses in order to achieve effective cloud migration with minimal security risk.

Since moving to the cloud brings improve IT agility, operationa scalability and lower TCO, many enterprises are seriously considering such move which promises business transforamtion and modernization. Such decision is usually underestimated, especially due to the complexity and enormity of the migration process, with a recent survey showing that only 19 percent had progessed past research and planning due to concerns regarding data security, risk of extended downtime and inconsistent user experience.

According to VMware’s newest whitepaper, there are five achievable steps that can maximize the success of the cloud migration strategy.

The list starts with rationalizing and justifying the move to the cloud, where the business has to identify clear needs for further migration, understand the added value and never underestimate the challenge of such a complex migration process. The next step is researching migration strategies which include a variety of strategies that can help to effectively migrate to the cloud, including moving without conversions, choosing SaaS or PaaS replacement, re-architect or even retire certain workloads.

The third step talks about testing, learning and adapting the chosen approach by using several different and non-critical workloads that can test the choice before moving to the primary migration. The fourth step includes effective planning to mitigate the risk, which includes expertise and time, both crucial for a effective cloud migration.

The final step focuses on VMware’s own Cloud on AWS, which combines its own private cloud with AWS as a public cloud provider and allows businesses to move and run mission-critical workloads at scale with continuity, deliver consistent network and security services and policies, and keep track of ongoing cloud resources with a variety of built-in control and analytics tools.

You can download the full “Migrating Apps to the Cloud in 5 Steps” whitepaper from Networkworld.com and check out the VMware Cloud on AWS directly at VMware’s dedicated website.