Whitepaper: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud – Choosing the right cloud datacenter


Cato Networks has released a whitepaper talking about three biggest public providers and how to decided which of these providers is the right choice for your business.

While most of these providers offer pretty much the same features, they differ in a lot of things from database services, security tools, storage options and, of course, the price.

According to Cato Networks, rather than focusing on technical, security and computing aspects of these providers, businesses should focus on scenarios.

The whitepaper talks about three specific and most common scenarios that could play a role in the choice of the cloud provider, including data sovereignty, latency, and IT plans and needs.

The whitepaper also include a 10-point cloud comparison guide that could help you decide which provider is the right choice for your business, comparing them on location, premium connectivity, computing power, packaged infrastructure, advanced technologies, machine learning and language processing, identity services, file storage, app development for mobile, and compliance certifications.

Cato Networks is the company that offers a unique architecture that enables simple integration of physical and cloud datacenters, extending corporate access control and security policies to cloud infrastructure and enabling unified management of those resources.

You can download the full whitepaper directly from Cato Networks (possible registration required).