Intel CPUs could be facing more Spectre-class vulnerabilities


According to a fresh report, it appears that Intel CPUs could be facing eight new Spectre-class vulnerabilities.

It appears that Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are here to stay as although Intel has managed to patch most of them, it appears that eight new Spectre-class vulnerabilities could be detailed soon.

According to, Intel and its partners will soon unveil details on eight new Spectre-class vulnerabilities that are currently called Spectre-NG (Spectre-NextGeneration).

Heise states that it has seen details on these vulnerabilities and Intel’s plans for patches and there is also word that these new exploits could be also used on some ARM CPUs as well. Currently, there is no information on AMD CPUs.

The report suggests that Intel is preparing two rounds of patches for May and August with additional patch from Microsoft, similar to what we have seen for original Spectre and Meltdown exploits.

Hopefully, Intel and its partners will reveal more details on these exploits as some of the previous exploits were quite serious, especially in the enterprise/server market.


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