Google announces intent to acquire Velostrata


Google has announced intent to acquire Israel-based Velostrata company, which will help its customers to migrate to Google Compute Engine as well as simplify onboarding process to Google Cloud Platform.

The deal, which has not been financially detailed, does not come as a big surprise considering that Google has previously teamed up with Velostrata for shifting virtual machines to Google Cloud Platform.

According to Velostrata’s blog, the company helped a number of enterprises to migrate thousands of servers with complex workloads and large databases, all at minimal downtime and simplified deployment, according to Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and co-founder of Velostrata.

According to Google’s blog post regarding the acquisition, Google Cloud customers will obtain two important benefits: allowing them to adapt their workloads on-the-fly for cloud execution and decouple compute from storage without performance degradation.

This will allow Google’s customers to easily and quickly migrate virtual machine-based workloads like large databases, enterprise applications, DevOps, and large batch processing to and from the cloud as well as easy control and automate where their data lives at all times, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Google has been pushing hard to gain more cloud market share and acquiring a company that can help its customers to migrate to the cloud is certainly one way to do it.


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