Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Automotive


Amazon Web Services has released a video detailing AWS for Automotive, promising secure, agile, and scalable cloud computing platform.

With autonomy, always-on connectivity, electrification and the Sharing Economy changing the landscape of future mobility, automotive companies are forced to transform the way they design, develop and market their products, and that is where AWS for automotive comes in.

According to Amazon, AWS for Automotive offers a secure, agile, and scalable cloud computing platform and the advanced services automotive companies need to innovate new products, accelerate time to market, and create engaging digital brand experiences without the cost and burden of managing infrastructure.

With AWS cloud solutions like IoT and edge computing, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), websites, mobile services and content delivery, and big data, all provide the capabilities to build sophisticated applications at every touchpoint.

Amazon has scored some big wins for its AWS for Automotive platform, including BMW Group, HERE, Lyft and TrueCar.

Some of the benefits listed by AWS for Automotive include on-demand capabilities, data security, digital customer engagement, autonomous vehicle development, connected vehicles and mobility, technologies for innovations, aforementioned agility and scalability and, most importantly, data security.

You can check out more information about AWS for Automotive over at Amazon’s dedicated website.


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