Four ways to simplify security with Cisco security suites


Cisco has published a new blog post which talks about securing the business with Cisco’s four security suits, covering Security Essentials, Cloud & Web Security, Policy & Visibility, and Email Security.

The current security breaches and future ones have been some of the biggest headlines in network security community, with the 2018 Annual Cybersecurity report talking about a significant rise in security breaches and affecting over 50 percent of an organizations systems compared to the previous year, is certainly a worrisome thing.

Some reports like the one from Techworld, which includes a list of the most infamous data breaches, or the one from Wired Magazine that talks about a gang of teen hackers which target both large and small companies, certainly mean that security breaches are not going away that soon.

In order to cover the four key areas of security, Cisco has developed a security suite which covers most security issues while maintaining interoperability, an issue that can be quite important when talking about security.

The list includes Security Essentials, Cloud & Web Security, Policy & Visibility, and Email Security. The security essentials cover the basic of network security with firewall, VPN, and endpoints security.

With the rise of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure, cloud and web security have become quite an important segment in network security, followed by policy and visibility, which is also quite important in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) breaches. The last, but definitely not the least is the email security, which is pretty much the basic security but still has a high number of attacks, especially with PDFs being the most common file type targeted by insider threats.

As noted, interoperability is one of the key issues as there are plenty of vendors to choose from, with orchestrating multiple vendor alerts can be quite hard.

You can check out the full blog post with further details on all four key areas over at Cisco’s site and you can also learn more about  Cisco’s Enterprise Agreement and Security Suites over at the dedicated web page.


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