SDN, SD-WAN, and multi-cloud in 2018


Wan Dynamics has released a report talking about connecting the cloud in 2018 and how SDN, SD-WAN, and the multi-cloud solutions have changed the network industry and what is going on with it in 2018.

Written by Jason Gintert, CTO of Wan Dynamics, the report focuses on the rise in cloud adoption, regulatory compliance considerations, security concerns, as well as other complex IT challenges.

In addition to SDN and SD-WAN, there is an emerging trend of managing unified network policy within datacenter, cloud, and WAN with networking vendors offering the so-called “multi-cloud” strategies which connect all these environments.

Of course, with security being a big issue and concern, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has come into effect on May 25th, the report suggest that we could see cloud and premises-based security integrations in the future. These new offerings could be deployed with so-called “service chaining”, which could tie all those network elements together in different places, on-site as a virtual network function (VNF), as a virtual machine running on a general purpose x86 network appliance or even tunneled to a cloud service.

The report concludes that 2018 will certainly be a year of growth in the networking industry and probably be the biggest one that has been seen in some time. With the increased adoption of SD-WAN and cloud connectivity, which will remain a core element for network designs, the next big focus is security, which will be shifting to the cloud network.

You can check out the full report over at Wan Dynamics’ website.

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