Application-aware SD-WAN from InfoVista


InfoVista has released a new video detailing its application-aware SD-WAN solution.

According to details provided by the company, InfoVista is the provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions which help communication service providers, mobile operators and large enterprises meet the challenge of providing top-quality user experience (UX) while increasing the capital efficiency of their network infrastructure.

The digital transformation and the evolution of technology in the manufacturing process have also raised IT complexity which has a severe impact on productivity.

According to the report, almost 50 percent of manufacturers have experienced unplanned mission-critical application downtime which eventually led to a 20 percent revenue loss.

In order to cope with such problems, InfoVista’s Ipanema, an application-aware SD-WAN solution, can enhance efficiency, reduce costs and most importantly meet revenue targets by orchestration business applications performance and put them in alignment with business objectives.

You can check out more about InfoVista’s application-aware SD-WAN solution over at its dedicated website.


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