Cato Networks adds threat hunting to its Cato Cloud


Cato Networks, the company which offers Cato Cloud, managed IT services, global SD-WAN as a service, has added threat hunting to its service, by using zero-footprint data aggregation, machine learning algorithms, and cross-enterprise traffic visibility.

The Cato Threat Hunting System (CTHS), as the company decided to name it, is built into the Cato Cloud and leverages rich traffic context and unobscured network and endpoint visibility in order to accurately spot threats and reduce dwell time. Cato Networks was keen to note that the CTHS is the first time that threat hunting is done without a dedicated infrastructure.

“As an industry, our ability to detect threats has been significantly hampered by the complexity of collecting granular, relevant data over time and applying the right analytics and people to interpret that data,” says Gur Shatz, co-founder, and CTO of Cato Networks. “Virtual cloud networks, such as Cato Cloud, enable effortless access to such data, empowering our proprietary software and world-class SOC to hunt for threats on customer networks.”

The Cato Threat Hunting System (CTHS) offers full visibility without any sensors by monitoring all WAN and Internet traffic segmented by network firewalls and NATs. It has full access to real-time network traffic for every IP, session, and flow initiated from any endpoint to any WAN or Internet resource. It provides deep threat mining by using data aggregation and machine learning algorithms, has human threat verification with Security Operations Center (SOC), and offers rapid threat containment for any endpoint, specific enterprise network, or the entire Cato customers base, where SOC can deploy policies to contain any endpoint.

“The network, threat and application data available through the Cato Cloud is an analyst goldmine”, says Elad Menahem, head of security research at Cato Networks, “Using CTHS and its machine learning algorithms trained with data from hundreds of enterprise networks, we’ve been able to focus on the few security events that matter and identify malware infections in minutes.“

You can check out more about Cato Cloud and its newest Cato Threat Hunting System (CTHS) over at the dedicated website.