InfoVista talks about their Ipanema application aware SD-WAN


InfoVista has released a new video describing Ipanema, its own Application Aware SD-WAN solution.

According to InfoVista, Ipanema helps CIOs to orchestrate the performance and user experience of any application, dynamically and in real-time, over any network, especially very large networks, in full alignment with business priorities.

InfoVista acquired Ipanema Technologies back in 2015 and added their technology to its own in order to offer integrated and comprehensive solution set and expertise for business application over hybrid WANs.

According to the dedicated website, Ipanema automatically maximizes application performance over the WAN by uniquely integrating the capabilities that IT needs to holistically orchestrate business application performance for every user, regardless of the IT complexity (number of applications, number of sites, telecom providers, number of users, etc.). It offers application visibility, application control, WAN optimization, dynamic WAN selection, and WAN security.

Some of the use cases listed by InfoVista include hybrid WAN, ERP, CRM Financial Management, Business Intelligence and specific business applications, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), and SaaS and cloud apps.

You can check out more information over at InfoVista’s own website.


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