VMware unveils new Kubernetes Engine as part of its Cloud Services portfolio


VMware has recently announced the public beta of the VMware Kubernetes Engine, which will be a Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering and a part of VMware’s Cloud Services portfolio.

VMware has been taking a lot of interest in the changing cloud market and its latest launch of the VMware Kubernetes Engine adding it to its growing list of Software-as-a-Service (Saas) offerings, which are all a part of VMware’s Cloud Services, a portfolio of products designed to help with operations across clouds.

According to VMware’s blog post, the new Kubernetes Engine is “an enterprise-grade Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering that provides easy to use, “secure by default”, and cost-effective Kubernetes”. Firstly available on AWS, the VMware Kubernetes Engine will also be available on Azure and additional cloud environments in future.

VMware’s Kubernetes Engine focuses on simplification of Kubernetes management by introducing VMware Smart Cluster, a collection of policies that capture the desired state of a fully compliant Kubernetes cluster as well as evaluates the security, health, and size of the Kubernetes clusters and remediates any deviations. It also has a set of typed Smart Clusters, starting with Developer and Production types, which factor over 50 different configuration decisions and makes it much easier to use.

In addition to the simplification, VMware is also focusing on cost efficiency and while it did not announce the price of its Kubernetes Engine SaaS, it focuses on keeping down the costs of both labor and compute, by lowering cost of operation, bringing resource optimization, and usage costs, where customers pay only the vCPUs and RAM that have been used by Kubernetes clusters.

VMware was also keen to note that its Kubernetes Engine is highly secured by default by making sure that all components are fully patched, encrypting communications, and providing network isolation.

You can check out more details as well as try the open beta of the VMware Kubernetes Engine over at the dedicated website.


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