A modern approach to Industrial Cybersecurity by Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric, a company that is focused on the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centers, and industries, has released a new video talking about a modern approach to industrial cybersecurity.

The video talks about key steps for cybersecurity protection which were outlined by Jay Abdallah, Global Director for Cybersecurity Solutions at Schneider Electric.

With cyber threats becoming much more sophisticated as well as growing in numbers, it is obvious that cybersecurity has become a much bigger concern for companies, especially when it comes to industrial cybersecurity.

According to the video, Schneider Electric is starting to change the way they develop software for cybersecurity, including implementing layer one security controls, implement standardized procedures and policies as well as building upon security infrastructures, rather than just coming up with technical solutions.

Schneider Electric was keen to note that security is one of the core components and core focal point of the company, with both manpower, engineering standards and technical capabilities to implement some of the key security technologies today.

In the recent blog post over at Schneider Electric, Gary Gillespie, VP of MDT Software, has talked more closely about manufacturing security with a focus on Industrial Control Systems, which include devices, systems, networks and controls used to operate and/or automate the industrial process.