AMD embedded brings machine learning to medical industry


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently one of the biggest industry trends and recently, AMD has issued a video showing the application of AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 platform with machine learning in the medical industry.

Machine learning brings plenty of benefits in almost any application so it does not come as a surprise that AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V1000 platform can be used for improving medical devices, including medical imagery, where visual clarity and fidelity is vitally important.

The platform itself brings significant improvements on hardware, kernel, and user levels, with improved processing time for deep learning, computational acceleration, support for ViennaCL and Caffe with OpenCL.

AMD has a wide range of solutions for various medical applications, including handheld, portable, cart-based, or high-end imaging, with all leveraging the benefits of GPU acceleration. Since devices like an endoscope, CT, MRI, and X-ray imaging all contain similar levels of signal and image processing, it makes the GPU compute an ideal fit for medical imaging applications.

You can check out the overview in the video above and find more details on AMD’s dedicated website.