Keeping connected devices secure with AWS IoT Device Defender


Amazon Web Services has released a new video which talks about its AWS IoT Device Defender and how to manage the end to end security of Internet of Things devices.

With the growing number of connected devices has also raised issues with the security of those devices. Despite existing security protections like device Identity Management and encryption, breaches using IoT devices is still a big issue, especially with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The video published by AWS, shows some of the key capabilities of the AWS IoT Device Defender, a fully managed service which helps in securing the entire fleet of IoT devices by auditing IoT resources associated with devices, including x.509 certificates and IoT policies. The service also monitors security metrics from both the cloud and devices and compares it to user-defined rules in order to identify unexpected device behavior that could be an indication of a compromised device.

In short, the AWS IoT Device Defender audits device configurations for security vulnerabilities, continuously monitors device behavior to identify anomalies and allows IT administrators to receive alerts to the AWS IoT Console, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon SNS, and take action.

You can check out more about the AWS IoT Device Defender over at its dedicated web page.


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