Whitepaper: A new angle on cybersecurity by BlackBerry


BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting has released a new whitepaper which talks about current cybersecurity trends and how new thrreats demand new approaches.

With cybersecurity predictions suggesting that the financial cost will reach over US $6 trillion by 2021, with the estimated spending in cybersecurity reaching US $1 trillion annualy, and with it actually struggling to keep up with growing number of attacks, it does not come as a surprise that cybersecurity companies are talking about a drastic change in cybersecurity approach.

Titled “A new angle on cybersecurity”, the whitepaper gives an expert point of view from BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting, talking about the threat landscape which is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, forcing both organizations and cybersecurity companies to think ahead.

The whitepaper suggests difining a new cybersecurity reference architecture. This comes as a response where the focus shifts from firewalls and infrastructure and demands a different methodology. The focus is now on creating multi-layered, defence-in-depth capabilities that begin at the endpoint, and then moving to cover all users and critical infrastructure.

The whitepaper also talks about turning Internet of Things into the Enterprise of Things, a new market which is expected to grow to 19.9 billion devices by the year 2020.

Of course, BlackBerry suggest its own suite which includes Cybersecurity, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), AtHoc, Apps, and Workspaces, all which are combined in a complete suite meant to give comprehensive cybersecurity.

Blackberry also focuses on strategic security, detection, testing and analysis of threats, automotive and IoT securty, technical security development, technical security training, and in-market vulnerability management.


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