Bringing Trust to the Internet of Things by Red Alert Labs


Red Alert Labs has published a video talking about finding the right balance between IoT security needs and IoT business needs, covering three major steps including IoT security scope analysis, robustness analysis, and trust analysis.

Covering Red Alert Labs’ own strategic and technical methodologies based on deep IoT industry knowledge, the video talks about how cybersecurity in IoT has become a huge challenge, especially since threats are constantly evolving, becoming wider, stronger, and faster.

Red Alerts Labs has been around for quite some time and has an extensive product portfolio including IoT Security Services, like IoT Security Assessment, IoT GDPR, IoT Cyber Risk Insurance, Certification, IoT Security Lab Evaluation, Security Training, and more.

IoT security has become a big concern for companies, especially with the growing number of attacks so it does not come as a surprise that Red Alert Labs says that “it is not up to you to decide if somebody will be interested in stealing your data or compromising your technology, but it is up to you to decide to protect it”.

You can check out more about Red Alert Labs and its services over at


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