New cybersecurity trends in healthcare


The recent rise in cyber attacks did not leave any market untouched and healthcare is no exception. The newest video from IBM Watson Health shows this year’s trends in healthcare.

Healthcare organizations were under attack last year, and the video suggests that the elevated security state will be the new normal when it comes to healthcare cybersecurity.

The video details five cybersecurity trends that will mark this year.

The first states that connected devices will be targeted by ransomware, something that has both recently happened and will be happening on a much bigger scale in future. This does not come as a surprise considering that healthcare organization holds sensitive data, which can be used by ransomware.

The trend number two states that insider education will minimize threats, which is a trend that is generally being accepted by all organizations, and not just healthcare. The third trend suggests that healthcare investments in cybersecurity will rise, which can also be said for the rest of the industry.

The cyber attacks have been both growing in numbers as well as evolving, pushing cybersecurity companies to think ahead, rather than act when the attack happens.

The hottest topic in most IT segments is machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is why it is not surprising that the fourth trend is that the machine learning arms race will heat up, pushing cybersecurity to a whole new level.

The fifth trend suggests that patients will change providers due to data breaches, which is also not that surprising considering how sensitive is the actual patient information, making it a prime and lucrative target for cyber attackers.

While cyber attacks are getting more serious and target different market segments and industries, cybersecurity experts have so far managed to both minimize damage as well as stay ahead of the attackers, but it is still obvious that data breaches do happen and will happen in the future, which suggest that switching between providers will become a new normal move for customers.

In addition to the video, IBM also released an e-book which talks about security in healthcare which you can check out over at IBM’s website.